The most seamless serving experience in the world.

Perfectly chilled, from first glass to last,
Kaelo sets the new benchmark for enjoying fine wine.
Exquisite champagnes and wines savoured with elegance, not ice.

Simply open, and enjoy.

For thousands of years, wine has been the loyal companion for
sharing unforgettable memories with friends and loved ones.

Inspired by this ancestral relationship, Kaelo was developed to
elevate the entire wine experience for our modern world.

Making this experience seamless is the passion behind what we do.

Delivering simplicity is what we do;
the people, the wine and the moment.
Kaelo takes care of the rest.

Instant and effortless; Kaelo is ice cold, yet completely dry,
serving each glass as perfectly chilled as the first,
without any interruptions.

Since day one, we have challenged the conventional, to create the exceptional.

Developed and refined over several years, our patented Kryolux™ technology
uses less energy than a light bulb, whilst offering totally unrivalled performance.

Life is best enjoyed in the moment, and Kaelo affords spontaneity.
Without the need for any preparation, not a single second is wasted.

Kaelo’s entire crown is touch sensitive. Simply tap it once
and your priceless memories continue uninterrupted.

Set the mood, the moment is yours.

Personalise the ambience of your experience
with 27 different hues of brilliant illumination,
all at a tap of the touch-sensitive crown.

Our most intensive and critical process is the creation of the Kaelo crown.

Meticulously crafted from a 3kg solid block of raw stainless steel,
each crown is hand-finished by a single master craftsman,
until it is an absolutely flawless trophy of labour.

Entirely developed and crafted in England, each Kaelo is hand-built
in the Cotswolds and is a masterpiece of British engineering.

Chosen for their wealth of expertise and relentless attention to detail,
our craftsmen are committed to perfection and are at the heart of the Kaelo story.

Each commissioned Kaelo is an orchestrated work of art; a symphony of
precision craftsmanship, patented technology and pioneering design.

Every Kaelo is tested independently and must be absolutely impeccable
in both performance and lustre, before being signed off by its maker.

Introducing bespoke made-to-order Kaelo furniture.

Collaborating with a small collective of British furniture designers and makers,
with several decades of experience, these contemporary furnishings marry
Kaelo’s patented dry cooling system with artisanal English craftsmanship.

Taking anywhere from 40-220 man hours to create,
each one is painstakingly handmade by a small number of craftsmen in England.

Full range of veneers and finishes available.
Email info@kaelo.co.uk with enquiries.

Kaelo for…

Perfectly Dry

The seamless champagne experience.
Enjoy your fine wines without the
nuisances of ice and water drips.

Instant Service

Spend more time in the moment.
Serve your chilled champagnes
and fine wines instantly.

Touch Control

Magic with a simple touch.
Activation and lighting control using
just your finger on the Kaelo crown.

Made in England

Fusing the best of British design and craftmanship, Kaelo was designed
in London and is handmade in Oxford.

The Future. Right now.

 The Kaelo is the most advanced, luxurious, easiest and cleanest method of serving a cold bottle.
Seamless in form and function, it is completely unique and patented.

In Your Plans

No specialist installation required. Specify the hole in the surface and the Kaelo can be installed by any
fitting team. Please contact us for design and installation guidelines.

Classic or Contemporary

Charmingly novel and elegant, yet understated and discreet, the Kaelo adds value, allure and intrique to any exquisitely designed interior, whether residence, hotel, venue, yacht or jet.

England Born & Made

The Kaelo story is simple: Exceptional English engineering, hand built by extraordinary local craftsmen. Each Kaelo is made in Oxford, England to ensure uncompromising quality.

A new team member.

Cater to your customers, not to your buckets. The Kaelo does not need filling with ice, or emptying at the end of the night. Therefore your staff can refocus their attention on serving your esteemed guests.

Serve instantly

The Kaelo is always ready to serve, so it means your customers can be served immediately. Time is the most valuable commodity, and your guests can now appreciate more of it in the moments they came to enjoy.

No drips.

No ice means no melting ice, means no wet bottle. A bottle stays completely dry in a Kaelo, which means it does not need to be dried when it is pulled out, and it does not drip over your guests and venue.

Water or Wine

Any beverage that is served chilled can be enjoyed from a Kaelo. Whether the finest wines, the smoothest vodka, or the purest water, the Kaelo ensures the most premium and luxurious serving experience.

 Easily implemented into new or existing furnishings.
Contact us for design and installation guidelines.

“The Kaelo is a great innovation for the industry. It delivers a luxury service that matches the quality of the products it’s designed for”

Ruben Kazumain


“The Kaelo is a unique & innovative concept for the Champagne world, combining high-tech design with incredibly cutting edge looks”

James Samson


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