"One of the best gadgets for wine"

"A great innovation"

The new way to serve

Take a cold bottle from the fridge, put it in your Kaelo and touch the crown – that’s it

Patented dry-cooling technology means Kaelo is instantly ready and your drink will be perfectly chilled from first drop to last

How Kaelo Works

Step 1

Select your chilled wine

Step 2

Pour generous glasses

Step 3

Touch Kaelo,
enjoy every drop perfectly chilled.



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Why Kaelo?

Beautiful design, incredible functionality, or just down-right fun – find out why we think you’ll fall in love with Kaelo

The craft
behind Kaelo

Designed in London and hand built by our master craftsmen in the Cotswolds.

Have a look at what it takes to build a Kaelo

Our story

From shed to Shoreditch, find out how seven years and complete obsession helped bring Kaelo to life

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