A part of the family

We started working with our craftsmen not just because of their experience, over 150+ years of precision engineering, but also because of their passion. It seems a strange thing to say when talking about thermodynamics and machine drilling, but their interest in making the perfect product has helped us get to where we are today – they’re at the heart of the Kaelo story.

Passionate about precision

To say we focus on detail is a bit of an understatement… it took us over a year to develop and perfect the technique of shaping and polishing the Kaelo crown to make sure there is a seamless edge-to-edge curve. It not only makes the crown look beautiful, it means the touch sensitivity works anywhere on the metal. Yes it’s a bit obsessive and adds time to the process – but we think its worth it.

Hand-signed certainty

From the crown to the chamber, each part of a Kaelo is tested against strict criteria from durability and performance through to noise and temperature variability. And it’s not just the big parts that we’re focused on either, even something as simple as the tensioning of the screws has to be done exactly right. When the Kaelo is finally assembled, each one is performance and finish tested before being signed off by its maker.

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